Your Total number of Employees

Your Payroll Frequency / Method

Your Workplace Safety Risk Factor

Your Employee Benefits Products Offering Level

Your Turnover Rate Per Year

Frequency of Employment "Issues / Problems"

What will you do with the Saved Time?

Potential hourly VALUE of the Recovered Time?

  Potential Financial Advantage:


Potential Value of 0 redirected hours


If refocused on driving Cashflow, Revenue, Margin

Replace Payroll materials costs


Plus other possible employment related Service Fees

Employee Benefits savings


Savings will vary by client.  This will just be an estimate.



like EPLI and other fines and lawsuit avoidance costs and actual costs

~0 Hours Per Year



HR Compliance Risk Reduction

Savings will vary by client.  This is just an estimate.

Workers Comp insurance savings

Disclaimer:  This tool's sole purpose is to illustrate reasonable potential value that might be available from a relationship with [our PEO/HRO], based on the general business model of recovering time from outsourcing, joining a larger group for its better buying power, and getting access to better employment expertise.  The numbers illustrated are not guaranteed in any way and may be different based on variables not contemplated in this simple model.  This model does not constitute a proposal nor a quote for PEO services.

If this Time is currently that of an administrative support person, leverage its value by having that person take administrative tasks away from Revenue Driver and Margin Impactor employees, thus “giving” the freed up admin hours to those high value people.

If this Time is currently that of upper management who drive the business, then its value is immediately obvious.

If these hours can be eliminated, ensure you enter the TOTAL cost of wages, taxes, and benefits.

Included in PEO services is the handling of payroll through a very advantageous co-employment relationship that actually eliminates some tax and law requirements of the client company (they are handled through the PEO's Employer ID Number).

Additional costs replaced may include 125 plan fees, retirement plan fees, employment related legal costs, etc.   And other costs that may be reduced include drug testing fees, background checks and more.

In addition to saving money on Employee Benefits through a PEO's larger group, many clients use this method to significantly enhance their benefits offering, at a fraction of the cost of doing so themselves.  This gives them a competitive edge in attracting and retaining the best employees.  Be sure to include your total costs (not just employer portions) of Medical, Dental, Life, Disability, etc.

A PEO's larger group may allow a client to receive lower WC costs.  Plus enhanced safety initiatives further reduce risk, and improve productivity.

Many businesses now carry Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) and spend additional monies to protect themselves from the highly regulated and highly litigious employment environment.

A PEO client may be covered by ELPI insurance the PEO, and the PEO legal relationship further protects the client against employment risks.

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